We Provide Expert Chimney Repairs

Is your chimney looking worn? Are cracks, deteriorating mortar, stains, and old, rusted components taking away from the beauty of your chimney system? Have efficiency and fireside enjoyment become distant memories? Why not let the team at Chimney Concepts help? We specialize in chimney repairs of all kinds and can effectively and affordably repair your system from top to bottom.

Chimney airflow comparison graphic with a leaky and worn chimney on the left and a properly repaired chimney on the right

Here Are Some Of The Repair Services We Most Commonly Provide

Chimney Relining – Having a high-quality, well-maintained chimney liner isn’t just a suggestion, it’s an absolute must. Your liner is responsible for safely and swiftly removing vapor, gas, and other byproducts of combustion from your chimney. If there are holes or cracks in your liner, or if your liner is incorrectly sized for your appliance, your entire system’s safety and efficiency will suffer.

The team here at Chimney Concepts has the experience and knowledge to expertly reline your chimney, whether old or new. We regularly install stainless steel and aluminum liners, and are pleased to also offer HeatShield® resurfacing/relining services. Our team can help you decide which option is best for you, based on your fuel type, your current liner’s condition, and your budget. Learn more about our chimney relining services here!

Chase Covers – A chase cover is the prefabricated equivalent of a masonry chimney’s crown. It sits atop the factory-built chimney and works to protect the chimney and direct water away from the structure and its base. Chase covers are typically constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, or another metal, each bringing different levels of durability. Unfortunately, moisture and weather can cause this important chimney component to rust or corrode, leaving your chimney open to the elements.

Chimney Rebuild & Repair Scaffolding next to a tall chimney with a Chimney Concepts Banner at the top
If your chase cover has rusted through or needs replacement, we can install a new one that meets your durability needs and fits within your budget. Learn more here!

Chimney Caps – The chimney cap is the incredibly important component that rests at the top of your chimney and protects your chimney’s flue from water, animals, and other intruders. Here at Chimney Concepts, we offer stainless steel chimney caps (also known as rain caps or animal guards), which carry a lifetime warranty and can keep your system protected for the long haul. Learn more about our chimney caps here!

Dampers & Top-Sealing Dampers – We also specialize in the installation and replacement of both throat and top-sealing dampers. Throat dampers are installed down in the throat of the chimney system, while top-sealing dampers are installed at the top of the flue. Although throat dampers can serve you for years if well maintained, they are made of metal and can rust or break over time.

Many homeowners are now opting for top-sealing dampers because of their tight seal and their location. Since they are installed at the top of the flue, water and other intruders are prevented from entering your chimney from the get-go. Additionally, they can help you cut down on energy waste and save money on utilities. Find out more here!

When You Need Repairs, Give Us A Call!

Don’t leave your chimney unprotected – schedule repairs ASAP! We can work with your budget and help you get your chimney working well and looking great! We also provide expert chimney and fireplace masonry services. Learn more here!

To schedule an appointment with a professional chimney repair tech, call 262-377-5811 or click here!


Each of our chimney and fireplace services is important, and that definitely applies to repairing chimney leaks. Call us right away if you suspect any water problems with your chimney system.