We’re Here For All Of Your Gas Fireplace Service & Annual Maintenance Needs

Gas fireplaces have become wildly popular, especially among those looking for the warmth and ambiance of a fire on the fly. With a gas fireplace, you can have a fire with the flip of a switch and can be out the door or tucked into bed without waiting for your fire to die down. The ease of use, convenience, and hassle-free aspects of gas fireplace living are tough to beat.

It’s not just the ease of use that makes these fireplaces so great. Because gas is a clean-burning fuel and is directly provided to the fireplace, there’s no need to empty ash, or store, stack, or haul fuel! Does it get any easier?

Gas Log Fireplace with stone surround and white mantel being prepared for service & repair with a drop cloth placed in front
But just because gas fireplaces are clean-burning doesn’t mean they don’t encounter problems or require maintenance and cleanings on an annual basis. Although the byproducts of gas combustion are much different from those of wood combustion, they can still build up in your fireplace. You should be scheduling a professional inspection each year to ensure that everything is in great condition and ready for the next burn season.

We’re Gas Service Experts

Whether it’s the “off season” and you’re planning ahead by scheduling your annual inspection and cleaning or it’s the middle of winter and your gas fireplace is experiencing problems, Chimney Concepts is just a phone call away! We have years of experience servicing and maintaining gas fireplaces and can troubleshoot your system, remove any corrosive byproducts, and check everything for efficiency and safety.

During a gas fireplace cleaning and inspection, we’ll remove all of the logs and materials in the fireplace, check and clean the burner and components, and then put the logs back in place. We’ll also add new lava rocks, sand, vermiculite, embers, or whatever other material your fireplace may have. When we’re done servicing your gas fireplace, you can be confident that it’s been thoroughly cleaned and checked for proper connections, efficiency, and functionality, and that it’s ready to go when you are.

We’re Here When You Need Us!

If you live in Ozaukee, Washington, Milwaukee, Waukesha, or Southern Sheboygan County and need your gas fireplace serviced or maintained, look no further than Chimney Concepts! Call us today at 262-377-5811 or click here for scheduling!

We also install gas logs – click here to learn more!


After your annual chimney inspection, you may find that you need a chimney sweeping and cleaning. This is one of those chimney and fireplace services that can prevent more serious problems later on, so call to schedule your appointment now.