We Offer Expert Chimney Relining Services

Your chimney is comprised of several parts that enable it to function properly. One of those parts, which is often overlooked, is the liner. Whether your fireplace burns oil, gas, or solid fuels, a liner helps guide the harmful byproducts of combustion up and out of the chimney. When your liner is damaged – be it by the heat, corrosive byproducts, time, or water – your home and family are at high risk for a variety of system efficiency and safety issues, including chimney fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and draft problems.

Because of the extremely important job performed by your chimney liner, it’s a critical component that must be properly installed and maintained. Every chimney needs a working liner! This is just one of the things your Chimney Concepts technician takes a look at during your annual inspection and sweeping. Should we find that your liner is damaged or missing, we can install a new liner so that you can rely on your chimney and fireplace for another season of warmth and comfort.

Chimney prepped with scaffolding for relining service

Stainless Steel And Aluminum Flue Relining Options

Chimney liners, which come in both rigid and flexible forms, are chosen based on the shape of your chimney and the type of fuel your appliance burns. Rigid liners are ideal for straight chimneys with no offsets or bends, while flexible liners are ideal for chimneys that aren’t straight and/or have offsets and/or bends. Likewise, different fuel types call for different liner types. The vast majority of newer homes have chimneys with either aluminum or stainless chimney liners already installed.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel liners are extremely popular due to the fact that they come with a lifetime warranty and can be used with every type of fuel. Because of their incredible durability and versatility, these come with a slightly higher price tag than their aluminum counterparts. Nevertheless, stainless steel liners are an affordable alternative to clay tile chimney liners and are well worth the investment.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum liners are the least expensive chimney lining option, but they aren’t fit for all situations. It is recommended that aluminum liners only be used in gas applications, as the typical flue temperatures are lower and there are fewer corrosive gases. Using an aluminum flue liner with a wood stove or wood-burning insert, however, isn’t advisable, as only a stainless steel liner can stand up to the added stresses of wood exhaust and liquid creosote; any other metal would corrode.

You Can Count On Chimney Concepts’ Professional Technicians

There are a number of reasons you may need to reline your chimney, and Chimney Concepts is proud to offer you the best options at the best prices. Aside from our aluminum and Ventinox stainless steel options, we also offer Heatshield® relining and resurfacing services. The professional technicians at Chimney Concepts will be there for you throughout the entire relining process. If you suspect there may be an issue with your chimney liner, give us a call at 262-377-5811 or click here to schedule an appointment online today.


If your factory-built chimney system needs a new chase cover to keep it safe to use, call on our chimney repair experts for quality service every time.