Is Your Chimney Leaking?

One of the scariest things you can encounter as a homeowner is a chimney leak – because by the time you’re aware of it, the damage is probably pretty extensive. Do you know what signs to look for?

Telltale Signs Of A Water Problem

Some of the most telltale signs of a chimney leak include these:

  • Puddles in your firebox
  • Rust streaks down the sides of your chimney or home
  • Dripping sounds
  • Water damage on the walls or ceiling surrounding your chimney

Of course, it’s best to identify leaks before you see these signs. Scheduling an annual inspection with a professional chimney sweep can help you identify system issues early on and safeguard you against costly repairs.

Common Leak Sources

Water can access your chimney in a number of ways, but here are some of the most common areas:

  • Damaged or Missing Chimney Cap – The chimney cap is designed to prevent water and other outside intruders from accessing your chimney flue. If the cap blows off during a strong storm or is improperly fitted to your flue, a leak is inevitable.
  • Deteriorating Masonry – Deteriorating masonry is particularly porous and can wick water into your chimney system during a hard rain. If your masonry is cracking and crumbling, there’s a good chance you’ll see water in your chimney system at some point.
  • Deteriorating/Poorly Designed Crown or Chase Cover – Your chimney’s crown or chase cover is designed to cover the chimney opening and prevent leaks. Unfortunately, crowns and chase covers can be damaged or improperly designed/installed, leaving your chimney system vulnerable to water intrusion.
  • Faulty FlashingFlashing is the protective metal layering at the base of your chimney. This system works to protect the vulnerable area where the chimney and roof meet – but if the flashing is damaged or poorly laid, you’ll have a serious water problem on your hands.

We’ll Repair Your Leak & Protect Your System From Future Damage!

If you’ve recently discovered a chimney leak, don’t wait to call Chimney Concepts! We’re experts at pinpointing leak sources, repairing damage, and preventing future water problems down the line! Whether your leak is caused by a missing chimney cap, damaged masonry, a deteriorating crown or chase cover, or faulty flashing, we have the skills and experience to take care of it!

We also provide expert waterproofing services, which can give your system added protection. To learn more or schedule your appointment, give us a call at 262-377-5811 or click here!


We provide complete gas fireplace services, too, as part of our comprehensive chimney and fireplace services.