Is Your Chimney Cap Doing Its Job?

Due to its location at the top of your home, the chimney is particularly susceptible to animal intrusion and water, debris, and weather damage. That’s why having a properly sized and installed chimney cap is such a vital part of maintaining a healthy chimney system.

Where Does The Chimney Cap Sit?

Chimney caps are installed at the top of your chimney flue, kind of like a cap or protective helmet for your chimney!

Repaired brick chimney with double flues and black chimney caps

What Does A Chimney Cap Do?

Chimney caps are essentially designed to provide a protective cover that keeps certain things out of the chimney system and certain things in.

Chimney Cap infographic showing caps protect against animals, rain, and sparks
  • Chimney caps protect the chimney system from water, snow, sleet and other elements that could cause damage and decay to the chimney and attached appliance.
  • Chimney caps keep leaves, sticks, moss, birds, and animals from entering the system and creating blockages or fire hazards. Animals and birds are especially troublesome, as they can bring diseases and bugs in with them and end up getting stuck in the chimney or making their way into your home.
  • Chimney caps prevent sparks from your fire from exiting the chimney system and starting a fire on your roof or in your yard.

We Can Check Your Cap For Proper Installation & Condition

For such a small thing, the chimney cap does a large job – is yours performing its role effectively? An annual inspection of your chimney system can alert you to any problems with your chimney cap, which may be improperly sized, damaged, or even missing! When was the last time you had a professional chimney inspection performed?

We know you have a million things on your mind and there’s a good chance that your chimney cap isn’t one of them. The good news is: with Chimney Concepts and our quality products and installation services, your cap doesn’t have to be on your list of worries. We install the best animal and rain caps in the industry and have caps for just about every flue size and style preference. To schedule an annual inspection or to have your chimney cap looked at by an expert, give Chimney Concepts a call at 262-377-5811 today! You can also click here to request an appointment with one of our technicians online!

Repaired brick chimney and crown with new stainless steel chimney cap
A top-sealing damper will keep unwanted critters, water and debris out of your chimney year round. Find out more about this type of chimney repair when you talk with one of our experienced staff.