Helpful Appointment Tips

Whether it’s your first time having your chimney swept or serviced or you just need a refresher course, we’ve put some appointment tips together to help get you ready for your upcoming service. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

When Should I Schedule?

Many customers wonder when they should schedule non-emergency upkeep services for their chimneys and fireplaces. Due to the high number of emergency calls that keep us busy all fall and winter, the best time for regular system maintenance is during the spring and summer. By scheduling your services in our “off-season,” you’ll be afforded faster, more flexible scheduling.

Things To Remember As Your Appointment Approaches

  • Cool it. To ensure that our technicians can safely get right to work when they arrive at your home, be sure to discontinue use of the chimney and fireplace being serviced at least a full day before your appointment. This allows for a 24 hour cool down period and is for the protection of our expert team.
  • Clean it. Another tip that allows our team to get right to work is to clean your ash box (if necessary) prior to our arrival.
  • Clear it. We strive to offer our customers efficient service and to keep their homes pristine throughout. Clearing the 5-foot radius surrounding the fireplace before your appointment allows our technicians ample space for setting up tarps and other equipment needed for proper service. It also helps ensure that none of the valuables proudly displayed on your hearth are put at risk of damage.

If you have any questions or you haven’t yet set your appointment, please click here or call 262-377-5811. We’re eager to meet your chimney and fireplace needs year after year!


When you contact us to schedule an appointment, we work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with our performance each and every time.