We Repair, Replace, & Install Dampers & Top- Sealing Dampers

Not having a quality, fully functioning damper can put a real damper on your fireside experience. Is your damper doing its job or is it time for a new one? Broken or missing dampers are to blame for a number of complaints, from smoke staining and smoke wafting in the home, to chilly drafts and animal and insect intrusion.

Traditionally, dampers have been installed in the smoke chamber and throat area of the system, but there are some common flaws with these traditional dampers:

  • Imperfect Seal – One common problem is that traditional throat dampers are made of metal. As such, these dampers don’t provide the airtight seal necessary to prevent water, smoke, or insect intrusion.
  • Rust Problems – As metal components, throat dampers are also susceptible to rust problems should water find a way into your system.
  • Don’t Protect Flue – Additionally, since throat dampers are installed towards the bottom of the chimney system, they offer no protection to the flue. You can have a closed throat damper and still end up with water, animals, and insects in your flue.
Energy Top Down Damper Product Photo
Energy Top Down Plus Damper Product Photo
As you can see, even though throat dampers can serve you well, there are definitely some areas in which they could improve. That’s where top-sealing (or energy-top) dampers come in!
Brick chimney featuring Top Down Damper Installation and Chimney Crown Coat Repair in upper left and hand pulling damper chain in bottom right

Why Have A Top-Sealing Damper Installed?

Here at Chimney Concepts, we’re huge fans of energy-top dampers, which work to close off the chimney system at the top of the flue. Unlike throat dampers, energy-top dampers provide airtight seals and prevent water, insects, and animals from entering the chimney system altogether. Not only do they offer added protection, they also help reduce heat and conditioned air loss due to their airtight seal! Money and energy savings, and added chimney protection? Now, that’s a win!

Here at Chimney Concepts, we install energy-top and energy-top plus dampers, the latter of which can also serve as a chimney cap, working hard to keep your chimney debris free. Another bonus to these durable dampers is that they come in a variety of styles and can be used to enhance your home’s look for a lifetime. It is important to note, however, that energy-top dampers are not made for use with wood stoves or fireplaces with gas logs.

Call Chimney Concepts To Have Your Damper Repaired Or Replaced!

If your damper isn’t working optimally, or if you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a top-sealing damper, give us a call at 262-377-5811! We’d love to take a look at your system and help you decide if a top-sealing damper is right for you. Click here for online scheduling!


A professional chimney relining will restore your chimney to efficient, safe operation. Our trained crews are ready to help with this important chimney repair, so give us a call.