Has Your Chimney Been Professionally Waterproofed?

Every year, we see countless chimneys lose the battle to water – but it doesn’t have to be a losing battle! Here at Chimney Concepts, we specialize in the waterproofing of masonry chimneys. We know what it takes to safeguard your system and keep water out, without impacting your chimney system’s functionality or appearance. Have you considered giving your chimney added protection against its #1 enemy?

Why Waterproof With The Professionals?

When looking to waterproof their chimneys, many homeowners head to their local hardware store to reach for a sealant or a can of paint. Unfortunately, using these products can actually harm your chimney instead of helping it!

You see, because brick is porous, it naturally absorbs some moisture, be it from weather outside or from vapor produced during combustion. If a standard sealant or paint is applied to the chimney masonry’s surface, it can actually trap this moisture inside of the brick, leading to internal decay and deterioration. These products sit on the surface and essentially suffocate the brick, which is why we never recommend using these as a solution. Instead, call on Chimney Concepts!

Custom stone chimney on side of house with emblem after waterproofing service

Our Products Are Made Specifically For Chimneys

Using high-quality products specifically designed to protect masonry chimneys against the negative effects of water, we can provide water protection without interfering with masonry’s porous nature.

Instead of settling on the surface of the masonry, these products penetrate the surface. And since they are chemically designed to allow smaller molecules (like those in vapor) and not larger molecules (like those in rain water) to freely move in and out, they prevent moisture from being trapped inside the masonry without compromising water protection.

Schedule Your Waterproofing Appointment Today!

Don’t wait until you notice water damage or experience a leak to equip your chimney with proper protection! Waterproofing your system can greatly extend its service life and keep you from forking over big bucks for major repair as a result of water damage. If you’re looking to make a wise investment and keep water out of your chimney and home, call Chimney Concepts today at 262-377-5811 or click here! We look forward to helping you protect your chimney system!


A thorough chimney inspection may reveal that problems with the flashing are leading to damaging chimney leaks. Let our experts take care of it right away.