Kiss Your Masonry Stain Problems Goodbye

What is the one thing that’s an annoyance to chimney owners everywhere? Masonry stains! Throughout time, countless homeowners have complained about the effect on the overall enjoyment of their hearth and home that these unwanted stains bring.

Here at Chimney Concepts, we’re dedicated to catering to your chimney needs and have heard your cry – we’re proud to offer fireplace stain removal services to our neighbors in Ozaukee, Washington, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and southern Sheboygan counties! Whether your stains are old or new, we can help!

Custom white stone chimney with glass doors free of stains after stain removal service

Not All Stains Are Created Equal

There are a variety of culprits responsible for fireplace and chimney stains:

Black fireplace insert set in a stone surround free of stains after restoration and cleaning service
  • Smoke – It makes sense that the majority of chimney owners complain about having smoke stains and are earnestly looking for ways to remove them. Since smoke is a natural byproduct of burning, chimneys and fireplaces often develop dark and unsightly smoke stains – but they don’t have to ruin the look of your chimney and hearth any longer!
  • Mildew – Mildew usually grows as a result of wet or warm conditions in and on the masonry of the chimney or fireplace. In other words: mildew can be a sign of a bigger problem!
  • Efflorescence – This is that white, powdery staining that can occur on your masonry. It’s certainly not a good look for your chimney or hearth, but we can help!
  • Rust – Like mildew, rust is often a sign of a water problem in your chimney system. If your chimney cap, damper, or another metal component in your chimney system is water-damaged, you’ll see nasty rust stains on your chimney and in your firebox. No need to live with them, let us help!
  • Dirt & Paint –Dirt and paint stains are commonly found on historic or older chimneys, but we can help remove these tough stains as well!

How Do We Remove These Stains?

As masonry professionals with decades of experience, we can remove even the toughest of stains! We use professionally applied masonry-safe products that will restore your masonry safely, effectively, and affordably. Gone are the days of chimney masonry stain worries — the answer to all your stain problems is just a phone call away. Call 262-377-5811 today!


Glass doors for your fireplace may be the perfect way to keep your hearth and fireplace looking fresh while also providing spark damage protection. Our fireplace and firebox restoration crews can help you make the right decision today.