When You Need Seamless Tuckpointing Work, We’re The Team To Call!

For more than 15 years, the team here at Chimney Concepts has been hard at work restoring and preserving the chimney systems and masonry of residents throughout Ozaukee, Washington, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and southern Sheboygan counties. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of masonry damage caused by water, weather, heat, and corrosive byproducts, and have used our skilled techniques, quality materials, and expert mortar matching skills to deliver seamless and durable results on each and every job. If your chimney or fireplace is beginning to deteriorate, call Chimney Concepts – we have what it takes to restore the appearance and functionality of your system once more!

Brick Chimney with completed tuckpointing repairs, new Crown Coat, and new stainless steel chimney cap

How Will I Know If I Need Tuckpointing Work?

Although brick and mortar are two of the strongest and most durable building materials, they are not invincible and can suffer damage in the form of cracks, crumbling, holes, and gaps. Masonry structures that are exposed to moisture, high heat, and gases are especially prone to damage over time, and your chimney and fireplace are usually exposed to all three. Since your chimney and fireplace must be crack-, gap-, and hole-free if they’re to remain structurally stable, aesthetically pleasing, safe, efficient, and water-free, something must be done to repair these damages. That’s where tuckpointing comes in.

What Is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is also referred to as repointing and is a practice that masons have been performing for decades. It is the process of carefully cutting out the damaged mortar and packing new mortar in its place. There are several factors that determine how successful this job is, including these:

  • The skill, experience, and knowledge of the mason
  • The tools/techniques used
  • The materials used
Brick chimney on side of yellow house with finished Tuckpointing repairs, new crown and caps
Not all mortar is the same in terms of color and qualities, and several changes and trends have come and gone over the years. If an inexperienced mason performs the work with inadequate tools and techniques, or if no mind is paid to the composition and color of the existing mortar, you’ll end up with a sloppy, unprofessional job that may leave your chimney and fireplace in even worse shape.

Leave Tuckpointing Work To The Pros

When you hire the professional masonry team here at Chimney Concepts, we’ll carefully examine your existing mortar and work to perfectly match the replacement mortar in both color and composition. When we’re done, you can expect our work to seamlessly blend in with your chimney and fireplace and keep it strong and looking great for years and years. We can even waterproof your masonry to keep it protected and preserved for longer – learn more here!

If your masonry is looking worse every day, don’t wait to call Chimney Concepts at 262-377-5811! Tuckpointing is much more affordable than a chimney rebuild, and can restore and renew your masonry! Call us or click here to request an appointment online!


If you notice crumbling or missing bricks, water damage, staining or other problems with your chimney, let our chimney and fireplace masonry technicians do an inspection to determine if you need a chimney restoration or rebuild. Give us a call today.