We Specialize In Oil Flue Cleaning, Too

We all know how important regular chimney sweeping services are, but are you remembering to take care of your oil-burning furnace flue as well? Many homeowners forget that, just as your fireplace creates byproducts that need to be regularly removed from your chimney flue, so does your oil-burning furnace. When was the last time a professional cleaned your oil flue? Whether you’ve never missed an annual cleaning or you’ve never had one, the team at Chimney Concepts is here to help.

We provide expert and thorough oil flue cleaning services and can help make sure your oil-burning appliance works as safely and as efficiently as it can and should each year. Read on to learn why this service is so important!

Scheduling Regular Oil Flue Cleanings Provides Protection

  • Air Supply – Just as the chimney flue venting your fireplace or stove can become clogged by byproducts, your oil-burning appliance’s flue can suffer the same fate. When clogged, dangerous vapor and gas produced during combustion can pollute your home’s air supply instead of swiftly exiting the home. Regular cleanings can help ensure that your oil flue is clean and equipped to usher byproducts out of the home quickly and effectively.
  • Appliance – A dirty, clogged oil flue won’t just prevent gases and other byproducts from safely exiting the home – it can also cause the attached oil appliance to work much harder. As byproducts build up along the walls of the flue, airflow is restricted and your appliance simply can’t work as well as it should and with as much ease as it should. Regular cleanings well help keep airflow moving quickly and can greatly extend the service life of your oil-burning furnace.
  • Flue Liner – If byproducts are allowed to build up on your oil flue liner, they will, over time, eat away at the liner. If you neglect regular cleanings, you will most likely find yourself replacing your flue liner much sooner than you would if you were to keep up with maintenance.

We Provide Thorough Cleaning Without The Mess

When you hire the expert team at Chimney Concepts to clean your oil flue, you can expect expert care and thorough service. We have extensive experience removing byproducts produced by oil combustion, and will clean and check all of the connecting parts. We also work hard to maintain a clean home throughout the cleaning process, so you’ll never have to worry about being left with a mess!

Protect your home and prolong the service life of your oil-burning appliance – schedule your next oil flue cleaning with the experts at Chimney Concepts! Call us at 262-377-5811 or click here to get started!


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