Is Your Chimney Crown Doing Its Job?

Every chimney faces its fair share of battles, most of them involving the same swift and powerful force: water. Of course, well-made chimneys are constructed of durable materials and equipped with protective components to help them win the battle against moisture. But sometimes, these components and materials fail — and when they do, we get called in.

One of the areas of the chimney that most commonly loses the battle against water is the chimney crown. The crown is the concrete portion that rests at the top of your chimney stack and closes off the chimney structure. When designed properly, the chimney crown can last for years and years, and work to protect the entire structure from water damage. Unfortunately, not all chimney crowns are well designed and constructed.

Brick chimney with finished Concrete Crown Repair and new chimney caps

What Makes A Good Chimney Crown?

There are several design elements that go into a good chimney crown. A quality chimney crown should be:

  • Built of concrete – A chimney crown made of mortar or another material will quickly deteriorate with exposure to moisture.
  • Angled to encourage water runoff – If the crown is flat instead of angled, water can pool and wear away at the crown.
  • Extended beyond the edge of the chimney stack – A good chimney crown should extend beyond the chimney stack to avoid dumping water onto the chimney and flashing.
  • At least 2 inches thick – If the crown is too thin, water can wear away at the crown and make its way in rather rapidly.

Have You Had Your Crown Looked At?

We highly recommend scheduling an inspection with a professional chimney sweep every single year. During an inspection, we’ll evaluate your crown for proper design and build, and let you know if any cracks have developed and need to be repaired, or if we need to do a complete crown rebuild. Regardless of what we find, we can make the necessary repairs and apply a waterproofing product that will keep your crown in great shape year after year.

Chimney Crown Repair in progress with molds set in place for poured crown

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