Restore Your Chimney Liner With HeatShield®!

For years, clay tile has been a popular material for chimney liners, and for good reason. Clay tiles can stand up to intense temperatures and provide years of chimney protection and fireside enjoyment. Over time, however, and especially when exposed to moisture, clay tile liners can develop cracks and experience crumbling and deterioration. When this happens, lighting a fire can become increasingly dangerous.

Cracks and gaps in clay tiles can allow heat to access nearby combustibles during a fire, and can also allow vapor, smoke, and carbon monoxide to leak into the home. This can pose a serious threat to your health and compromise the safety of you and your family. But a deteriorating clay tile liner isn’t just a threat to your safety and health; the cracks, gaps, and uneven surface of a crumbling clay tile liner also cause airflow resistance and affect draft and efficiency.

We’re Experienced HeatShield® Installers

If your clay tile liner is suffering, Chimney Concepts can help! We are experienced and skilled installers of the revolutionary cerfractory product known as HeatShield®. Depending on the needs and condition of your liner, we may opt to use one of three different application methods:

Joint Repair: The first method is designed to repair deteriorating mortar joints. During the application process, we’ll use a specially designed applicator to apply the HeatShield® product directly to the weak joints and create a smooth, restored joint surface.

Resurfacing: The second method is used when the majority of the chimney liner needs repair, but the chimney is still structurally strong. We’ll pour the cerfractory product into the chimney flue and use a specially designed applicator to go over the entire flue surface. The applicator works to evenly distribute the product throughout and create a smooth, restored surface from top to bottom.

CeCure Sleeve Relining: The third method is used when the entire chimney structure needs reinforcement. Just as we do during the resurfacing method, we’ll start by applying an even layer of the HeatShield® product. When ready, we’ll then slide a customized sleeve down into the chimney and apply yet another layer of the HeatShield® product.

Whatever method your chimney requires, you can expect expert work and expert results from the team at Chimney Concepts. We always use a video camera to double-check our work, so you’ll never have to wonder if your chimney is truly ready for use.

You Can Count On Chimney Concepts

Is your clay tile liner in need of some TLC? Schedule an annual inspection with one of our expert techs and we’ll let you know if HeatShield® is right for your chimney! Call us today at 262-377-5811 or click here to schedule your appointment!


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