There are so many different parts of a fireplace and chimney system, and each serves a distinct purpose which helps your fireplace run more efficiently and effectively. Your fireplace has an importantchimney crown role to play in keeping your family comfortable, and it must be kept in a state of good repair so that your family is kept safe all winter long. One of the important parts of your chimney is the chimney crown.

What is the Chimney Crown?

When you look at your chimney from the outside of the house, you will notice that the very topmost part of the chimney looks a little different. It doesn’t just end in brick and mortar; at the top, there is a solid cement piece that is designed with sloped edges that overhang the opening of the chimney by around two inches all around. This design serves a special purpose, and that is to keep the rain away from the junction of where the chimney meets the roof. It stands to reason that this junction would be especially susceptible to leakage, so the two-inch overhang directs the precipitation towards the sloped sides of the roof and down into the rain gutter.

Problems With the Chimney Crown

One of the big problems you might have with your chimney crown is that the mix of cement that went into making that crown may not have been mixed properly. If that’s the case, you’ll have porous cement, and that can cause big problems. If water is allowed to permeate into the crown, it can cause the brick and the mortar to deteriorate, and that can cause severe instability in your chimney structure. If you add into this equation the freeze-thaw cycle that can occur because of the cold Wisconsin weather, you could see some real precariousness in your chimney structure. Sometimes, too, a contractor will try to get by with constructing the chimney crown out of the leftover mortar. This is definitely not going to work. A good chimney crown will be made with quality cement so that weakness and porousness aren’t present.

Leaky Crown

If there are chips or cracks in your chimney crown, it’s going to allow water to seep down and into your chimney structure. Water leakage can cause metal parts of your chimney and fireplace structure to rust, such as the dampers, the firebox, or even the fireplace cleaning tools. It can also cause damage to ceilings and walls in your home. If the leaking gets to this point, you may be looking at more than just chimney repairs, you’ll be looking at interior home repairs as well.

Who to Call

If you have signs that your chimney is leaking, the place to call is Chimney Concepts. We offer a wide range of chimney maintenance and repair services, as well as offering products to improve and upgrade your fireplace and chimney. We love what we do, and we won’t be happy until our customers are satisfied as well. Give us a call soon and we’ll make sure your chimney crown and everything else is in the best state of repair.