Has your fireplace been deemed unsafe for use? This can be a real bummer, especially with the holiday season upon us, but don’t startclose up of firebox putting away that firewood just yet. You can still get the most from your system when you invest in restoration work from our team of experts.

Before you know it, you’ll be up and running again! We always stick to the time frames we quote to you, and we take great care to keep your home as protected as possible throughout the process. If you’re looking for a crew to trust with it all, we’re it!

The Dangers Of Operating A Broken Down Fireplace

Why is restoration work such a necessary investment? Well, when you put a broken down chimney to use, you’ll wind up experiencing a lot of threatening issues. For one thing, cracks, holes, and other gaps or openings throughout the structure will leave open pathways through which smoke, fumes, and poisonous gases can escape into your home.

If flames and heat reach your adjacent woodwork, you’ll obviously be a lot more likely to experience a house fire, which will put your loved ones at risk and trigger hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars worth of damage.

Along with this, carbon monoxide, smoke, or other substances could easily enter your space, triggering severe illness or even death. Carbon monoxide is responsible for hundreds of deaths every single year, as well as countless hospital visits, and it’s colorless and odorless nature makes it practically impossible to detect. Don’t chance it – have our team fix things up so you can light fires stress-free all season long.

Interested In An Upgrade?

Now, sometimes a homeowner will invest in restoration services for reasons other than safety. If your fireplace is working just fine, but you are ready for a change, our team can help you out there, too! There’s no doubt that an old-fashioned looking fireplace can ruin the aesthetic of your household, and oftentimes these older models tend to accumulate stains, rust, mold, and more. And don’t even get us started on unsightly cracks or crumbling brickwork!

If you’re tired of looking at a drab, broken-down structure day after day, let us take over and get you where you need to be. We’ll set you up right in no time, doing our best to match your vision throughout the entire process, and if you are interested in changing fuel types, we can handle that as well. Switching to a gas insert, for example, can work wonders when it comes to increasing efficiency and pouring more heat into your home. If this sounds like a change you’d like to make, let our team know. We’re happy to get this process started!

What To Expect From Us

So, what exactly will we do to get your chimney and fireplace back in order? One service we offer is tuckpointing. This is the process of removing your old, crumbling mortar and replacing it with new products that match in texture, color, and strength. Getting the mixture just right is essential in making this process successful and effective, which is why we strongly advise against doing it yourself with caulk or other store-bought products.

We also perform stain removal services using products that are specially designed to get your masonry looking like new again. Whether we’re dealing with smoke, rust, efflorescence, mildew, dirt, or paint, we can fix you up right in no time, so you can get the most from your fireplace experience.

Interested in adding some finishing touches with the help of new glass doors? We’ve got you covered there, too. Glass doors can enhance safety while ensuring you get the heat, efficiency, and ambiance you deserve. Learn more about all we offer by reaching out to us today!

Finally, we are trained, experienced sweeps that can fix up any damages you throw our way. Whether you need relining work completed, new chimney parts installed, water-related damages addressed, or something else, we’ve got the tools and techniques to get the job done right. Call now, and we’ll get an appointment on the books!

Concerned About The Cost? We’re Here For You

We understand that budgets vary from household to household, and things are usually less flexible during the holiday season. When you work with our team, we will do everything we can to make this process as affordable as possible. We can make modifications and adjustments based on your unique budget, and we would be happy to suggest alternative options if some services just aren’t doable at the moment.

We care about your satisfaction above all else, and you can count on us to handle everything with care, precision, respect, and professionalism. Don’t wait to reach out. Call today, so you can have your dream space all set and ready for use this Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re eager to speak with you soon!