There are many different things that the experts at Chimney Concepts will be looking for when they come in and check out your fireplace. For example, if there is any indication that there is a leak in your chimney, like ceiling tiles aroundheatshield logo your fireplace that are brown and stained looking, weak or peeling wallpaper, or soft, crumbly mortar between the bricks, we’ll make sure that we check out the condition of your chimney cap and crown and make sure that your flashing is in good condition and sealed properly. We’ll check for creosote buildup and other blockages. We’ll check out the condition of the bricks and mortar on the exterior of your chimney. But another thing that we’ll be paying close attention to is the condition of your chimney liner.

What is the Purpose of a Chimney Liner

You may wonder what the purpose of a chimney liner is, or maybe even if you have a chimney liner. If you have a very old home, it may be that you don’t have a liner, but with homes built after 1940, chances are that you do have a liner because it has been recognized across the industry that chimney liners are an important part of keeping your home safe while using your fireplace. In fact, most states’ regulatory codes mandate that a chimney liner be installed. A chimney liner has three main purposes.

First, a chimney liner protects your chimney’s interior. The components that make up smoke can have a corrosive effect on the brick and mortar of your chimney, and that can mean that weak spots or cracks can form which will allow the chemicals that need to escape from your home to sneak back in.

Another important role the chimney liner plays is to protect your home’s interior from the intense heat created during the combustion process. When combustible items are near your fireplace, the heat from the chimney can actually cause these items to start on fire. A chimney liner will keep the heat inside the chimney where it belongs.

Lastly, a chimney liner can make your fire burning much more efficient. If your chimney liner fits properly, it means that you’ll be getting more bang for your buck when you use your fireplace.

Use HeatShield to Restore Your Liner

Over years of use, your clay tile chimney liner will get areas of wear and tear, and chips and cracks will occur. If we see that your liner is looking the worse for wear, we may advise you to let us apply HeatShield to your chimney liner. This revolutionary product can be used in several ways to bring your chimney liner up to snuff. If there are small cracks, we can use HeatShield to patch those cracks. If a more complete coating is needed, HeatShield can be used for that. And if you need a complete redo for your chimney liner, we can pour in a coating of HeatShield, slide in a new liner, and then coat that liner with HeatShield as well.

Whatever your chimney liner needs are, the experts at Chimney Concepts are equipped to take care of them.