Most homeowners aren’t aware of the many components that make up a chimney. It seems like a pretty straightforward piece of construction. Mortar and bricks built in a square, with space in the center for the smoke to rise up out of, right? A firebox on the inside of the house, and some dampers located above the firebox to open and close the passageway and keep the cold air out when the fireplace isn’t in use while letting the smoke out when you’re using your fireplace complete the fireplace and chimney unit. If you think it’s that easy, then it’s time you learn that there’s more to a chimney than just these obvious parts! A chimney cap is an important component of your chimney, and here’s why.Top of chimney with chimney cap on top

Chimney Caps

At the top of your chimney is a mortar-piece called the chimney crown. This is an important piece of your chimney structure because it helps to divert precipitation away from the chimney and off of the roof. This is very important because the joint where the chimney meets the roof is a vulnerable spot which could easily cause leaks inside of your home. The chimney crown is built with angled sides to accomplish that diversion process. The chimney crown is a piece that is built onto the top of all chimneys.

The chimney cap, on the other hand, is a part of a chimney system that not all chimneys have. It is something that you can add to help with the problem of a leaky chimney. Although the chimney crown does a great job of keeping water off of the exterior sides of your chimney, it doesn’t do such a great job of keeping water out of the interior of your chimney. That’s where the chimney cap comes into play. A chimney cap is usually made from stainless steel or copper, and it is constructed in a way that allows smoke to get out of your home while keeping precipitation out of the interior of the chimney. This is accomplished by making the sides as grates rather than solid pieces. Precipitation is kept out because the ‘roof’ of the chimney cap is solid.

Precipitation isn’t the only thing that a chimney cap will keep out of your home. It’s also a great guard against animals entering your home. This is especially important during the spring months when animals and birds are looking to nest and raise a family, but it is also important during the cold winter months, when critters might be looking for a hideout from the cruel weather.

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