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Flashing Repair ExpertsChimney flashing repairs keep water out

If you’ve heard your chimney professional talk about your flashing and wondered exactly what part of your chimney system that is, all you need to do is look up on your roof. Your chimney is made of brick and mortar, and your roof is made of plywood and shingles, but the place where your chimney meets your roof is an especially vulnerable spot. Any time that there is an intersection between two different substances, especially in the outdoors, it’s an opening for precipitation to leak in. The junction between the chimney and the roof has a couple of areas guarding it against that happening, like your chimney crown and the chimney cap. The chimney crown is built on the upper edge of the top of the chimney, and is sloped to direct water away from that junction, and the chimney cap fits on top of the crown and basically covers the opening of the chimney, directing precipitation onto the crown and away from the chimney opening. But even with these two safeguards, water can still get in. That’s why flashing is installed.

When you look to the top of your house, you’ll notice metal strips that cover the base of your chimney, where it meets the roof. These strips are the flashing, and they are layered in a way that keeps precipitation directed away from the space where the chimney meets the roof. The problem is, over time this metal can rust or become torn or ripped in strong winds, leaving your chimney and fireplace open for leaks That’s a situation you want to avoid, as leaks in your chimney can cause a rusty damper system; rotting wood, wallboard, and ceiling tiles around your fireplace; loose and crumbling mortar; and many more serious chimney problems.

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