A leak is never a good, no matter where it is. If there is a leak in your radiator, you’re in for some serious mechanical work and big bills to pay. A leaky umbrella leaves you completely soaked and wet. However, a leaky chimney is a much bigger issue. At Chimney Concepts, we are here to offer our assistance when you have chimney leaks.

Problems Caused By Chimney Leaks

rain and rainbow outside a window paneWhy is a leaky chimney such a big deal? Leaks in your chimney can cause other parts of your chimney fail or break. First, leaks can cause the metal parts of your chimney to rust. This includes the damper system and the fireplace cleaning kit. It also cause the woodwork around the fireplace to rot and the ceiling and wallboard to sag and decay. The firebox may also rust and deteriorate, and it causes stained bricks and deteriorating mortar. The deteriorating mortar can also cause structural damage to your chimney and home, which can leave you with major repair or rebuild.

Causes of Chimney Leaks

There are several different areas of your chimney that are common spots of leaks. For example, if you take a look at the top of your chimney, you’ll see the chimney crown. This is the cement piece that’s built onto the top of the chimney. Flashing is another part, this is especially designed to direct water away from the joint where the chimney meets the roof. If it is cracked or chipped, it can’t do that job properly.

The chimney cap, which sits on top of the chimney crown, also cause leaks if it is rusted or damaged. This piece acts as a roof over the chimney opening, and it directs precipitation towards the sloped edge of the chimney crown. One more spot of leakage is the mortar itself. Just like anything else, over time, mortar can get weak and start to flake. If this happens, you will need tuckpointing, which is the process of removing the weak mortar and packing the cracks with new, strong mortar.

What To Do

If you suspect chimney leaks, it’s time to give Chimney Concepts a call. We have the best training and equipment in the industry, and we can take care of any leakage or issues you have. If you want your chimney to stay dry and safe, give us a call today!