Why cleaning is important

Anytime wood is burned in a fireplace, soot and creosote are produced and deposits can become thick inside of the chimney flue.

Creosote deposits:

1. Can reduce the draft in the chimney

2. Are a fire hazard

3. Damage chimney structure

When to clean

You can asses creosote buildup yourself in order to determine if you need a chimney cleaning.  A cleaning is needed if the creosote is thick enough to break off into flakes.

Who should clean

If you opt for a professional,  Chimney Concepts specializes in chimney cleaning. Our high tech, meticulous and “clean” approach to chimney cleaning is what makes us stand out. In addition, we provide other chimney services and fireplace products.

How we clean

Our technicians will not only clean the fireplace flue but also inspect the entire chimney. The technician will be making sure the flue is free from woodland creatures and their nests. The technician will also be on the lookout for any cracks inside of the flue. Cracks in the chimney liner can allow carbon monoxide, moisture, smoke and creosote into the living spaces of the home.

Our highly trained and certified chimney sweeps use a Rotary Power cleaning system to clean the fireplace flue from the roof top to the firebox. They use a high powered soot sweeping vacuum that traps every speck of dust.

We offer a NO MESS chimney cleaning guarantee. Our chimney cleaning also includes a full 30 point inspection including the inside and outside of your chimney.

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