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Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are a smart alternative to traditional fireplaces. Wood stoves give the same cozy feeling as wood and gas fireplaces, plus they offer a number of real benefits, especially for those who are concerned about fuel prices and the environment.

The Benefits of Wood Stoves

Here are just a few reasons to choose a wood stove for your home:

  • Wood is often a cheaper source of fuel than heating oil and electricity (especially if you own your own land and have wood readily available).
  • A modern, new wood stove is more energy efficient than an old fireplace that needs repair.
  • Wood stoves produce much less pollution than fireplaces.
  • There are a number of wood stove styles available, so finding one to match your decor is rarely a problem.
  • Wood stoves provide the same cozy, “homey” feeling of traditional fireplaces.

Clean, efficient and aesthetically appealing, modern wood stoves are a solid choice for someone who wants a cheap, renewable and local fuel source for their home. To get the most out of a wood stove, however, it is important that it be properly installed and fitted. Not only can an improperly installed wood stove lack the fuel efficiency you’re hoping for, it can create a fire hazard that could put your property and family at risk.

Professional Wood Stove Installation

If you’re considering a wood stove for your home, be sure to call an experienced chimney company that can provide professional wood stove installation services. Trusting your wood stove installation to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing can ruin the efficiency of your new wood stove, plus it can put your home at unnecessary risk for a house fire.

Here are a few things that a professional chimney service will ask you to consider before they install your wood stove:

  • Where do you want your wood stove to be?
    Where you should place a wood stove depends on the layout of your home and your family’s lifestyle. To get the most from your wood stove, you will want it to be in a room that your family uses regularly.
  • What stove clearance do you need?
    Stove clearance is the minimum safe distance between the wood stove and the surrounding walls and floors of your property. Obviously, this can impact where a wood stove “sits” in any given room of your home.
  • What size and type of floor pad do you want?
    Your new wood stove will need a floor pad placed beneath it. This floor pad “catches” any stray embers or sparks that may pop out of your wood stove, protecting your floor or carpeting from damage.
  • When was your last chimney inspection?
    Before you install a wood stove, it is important to have a thorough chimney inspection to make sure that you don’t need chimney repair first.
  • What modifications (if any) are needed for the stove pipe?
    For a new wood stove to work at maximum efficiency, the stove pipe needs to be properly fitted to your chimney. If it is not, you can waste a lot of wood and energy heating your chimney instead of your house! Sometimes this may involve resizing your chimney so that it is sized appropriately for the stove pipe that will connect your new wood stove to your existing chimney.

For more information about wood stoves or our chimney services, call us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you get the efficient, safe wood stove you’re looking for!

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