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Wood Burning Inserts

Wood burning fireplace inserts are a good fit for someone who wants the look of a brick fireplace but the efficiency of a wood stove. Wood burning fireplace inserts are essentially fireproof boxes that are placed inside regular fireplaces, so they conserve heat much more efficiently than traditional fireplaces but still offer that cozy traditional look that everyone loves.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Burning Inserts

If you’re considering having a wood burning insert installed in your home, it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons first.

The primary benefit of a wood burning fireplace insert is that it combines the beauty and real wood-burning experience of a brick fireplace with the fuel efficiency of a new wood stove. If aesthetics and retaining the look of your home are primary concerns for you, a wood burning insert may be just what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, although they can be beautiful, there are a few disadvantages associated with wood burning fireplace inserts as well. For instance, wood fireplace inserts vent more pollution into your home. If, however, you choose a wood burning fireplace insert that is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) and have it properly installed, it should reduce emissions, wood consumption and ongoing chimney maintenance considerably.

If you are hoping for a no-work fireplace, a wood burning insert may not be for you because even if you choose a wood burning insert instead of a gas or electric fireplace insert, you will still need to supply the chopped wood logs!

Professional Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Installation

If you’re considering a fireplace insert for your home, make sure that you call experienced chimney professionals. Due to the increased heat and emissions complications that fireplace inserts can introduce, it is vital that you hire someone who understands how to properly choose, install and maintain fireplace inserts. This is especially true if you have a prefabricated fireplace that may not be rated to handle the high temperatures that a wood fireplace insert can produce.

For more information about wood burning fireplace inserts or our chimney services, call us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you get the efficient, safe and cozy wood fireplace insert that you’re looking for!

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