With so many different parts of the fireplace system to think about, the chimney crown is probably not on the top of your priority list when it comes to thinking about repairs or replacements, or even inspections. The interior of your chimney, like the firebox, the mantle, even the damper system are easier to get to and seem like they are more crucial to fire burning than some of the other parts. If your damper system isn’t working, then you’ll get smoke in your home and you won’t enjoy the fire burning experience. If the firebox is rusted, then you don’t dare build a fire because, since the firebox keeps the actual fire up and off of the bottom of your fireplace, it’s dangerous. These things are important, but it is also important to not overlook the other components. There are some things to know about what makes your chimney crown a good chimney crown.

The Purpose of a Chimney CrownChimney crowns protect the chimney from rain

You might wonder what the actual purpose of a chimney crown is, or even where it is. If you take a look around your house on the outside, you’ll notice that at the top of the brick and mortar of your chimney is a mortar-piece that is attached to the top of the structure. Another thing that you may notice is silver metal pieces at the point where the chimney meets the roof. This is called the flashing, and it is designed to protect that vulnerable area where there is a joint, where rain might easily enter your home. The chimney cap is designed in a special way so that precipitation will be directed away from the flashing and towards the rain gutters. This adds even more protection to your home against water leaks.

What Can Happen to the Chimney Crown

Because the crown is made of mortar, you may think that it is indestructible. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Over time, from common wear and tear from wind and precipitation, your chimney crown may crack or crumble. It is important to have this checked out by a CSIA certified chimney company like Chimney Concepts because if it is damaged, you may be experiencing leaks within your chimney that are damaging the structure, and which will soon become leaks within your home.

Another common problem with a chimney crown is the material that it is made of. Many construction companies simply use the same mortar that they use to hold the bricks together, and this is not a durable option. Your chimney crown should be constructed out of real concrete, which won’t deteriorate as quickly as common mortar. You’ll also want to make sure that your chimney crown has a proper overhang, preferably two inches or more, so that precipitation falls far from the flashing.

Let Us Help You

If you are worried that you are experiencing leakage due to a cracked or improperly installed chimney crown, give Chimney Concepts  a call soon. We’ll set up an appointment to come and inspect your chimney crown and offer advice on necessary repairs or rebuilds. Call soon so that you can enjoy your fireplace worry free all winter long.