Spring is the perfect time for a lot of things. It’s an ideal time to do some deep-down cleaning, for one thing. You’ve been stuck in the house all winter long. Finally opening the windows and letting the breeze in is the first sign that spring has arrived.

Maybe you have an attic, a basement, or a garage that needs to be cleaned out. Yardwork is a must now that the snow is gone. Springtime rains are on their way, ready to wash away the winter grime and make things fresh and clean. But that cleansing rain can sometimes have a devastating effect on your chimney.

Spallingmasonry chimney on green and brick home

One thing that rain can cause is spalling. Now that you can get outdoors and inspect things, take a close look at the area around your chimney. Do you notice that there are little white flecks on the ground surrounding it? If your mortar appears to be soft and crumbly and there are white flecks on the ground, you have a condition called spalling, and that means that your chimney structure may be at risk. This may sound a little scary, but it’s nothing that the experts at Chimney Concepts can‘t take care of. With a process called tuckpointing, which just means picking out the old mortar and replacing it with new, we can soon have your chimney strong and sturdy again, and it will look like a million bucks as well.

What About After Tuckpointing?

After our team of highly qualified professionals takes care of the tuckpointing, there has to be a way to avoid the problem of weakening mortar from occurring again, and there is! Whether your mortar is in good shape already or if you’ve just had tuckpointing done, we can make sure that water damage doesn’t occur again through the process of waterproofing. There are some tricks to this and Chimney Concepts knows them and make sure that your mortar stays strong.

Mortar and even bricks are very porous, and the problem with coating this surface is that there will be moisture that has already penetrated those pores. That’s why the type of solution you apply is so important. We use a product that allows the water vapor that’s trapped in the pores to flow out of the brick and mortar while keeping the bigger water molecules from the rain from entering.

Now that spring is here, give Chimney Concepts a call. We’ll take care of any repairs you need, make sure your chimney is clean, and waterproof it as well! The sooner you call, the sooner we can get your chimney in tip-top shape!