Now is the time to start getting all those chores around the house finished. You’ve made it through the winter when it just feels good to snuggle in and not worry about digging into any major repairs or cleaning jobs. But now that there have been a few warmer days, you are probably starting to get that undeniable urge to dig in and get going. Springtime is the best time to do the big jobs because then you can be free all summer to just do all the fun activities that you can only do in hot weather without worrying about that long to-do list!

Restore Your Chimney Liner with HeatShield

Schedule a Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

One great job to accomplish in the early days of spring is scheduling a chimney inspection and cleaning. The best part of this job is that you can give Chimney Concepts a call, let us come in and do the dirty work, and cross it off the list. A thorough inspection and cleaning finished with minimal effort from you! One thing that our highly qualified professionals will be looking for is damage to your chimney liner.

Damaged Chimney Liner

Your chimney liner is an important part of the chimney structure because it keeps the brick and the mortar safe from the wearing effects of smoke and creosote damage. The problem is, although your clay chimney liner is very strong, it, too, can be damaged. The flue gases can cause damage, or it could be that the tiles are cracked or chipped or there’s a gap between some of the tile. You may have even had a chimney fire without your knowledge. In fact, most chimney fires occur without the homeowner even being aware that it has happened, and that’s a problem because you don’t know there’s damage to be fixed. But whatever the case may be, if your chimney liner is damaged, the chances are good that we’ll recommend that repair work is done and that we use HeatShield to do the fixing.


HeatShield is a revolutionary product that can be used to fix problems with clay chimney liners. If your liner has been damaged, we can use this product in a couple of ways to make the necessary repairs. First, if your liner has become chipped or cracked, we can use HeatShield as a coating to cover those spots and make for a smooth layer of protection over the interior of the chimney. This will allow for a smoother transfer of smoke out of your home and better air transfer, which will make your fire burn safely and efficiently. We can also use HeatShield to repair damage to your mortar joints. We have special applicators to hit the mortar joints and the know how to get it applied just right!

If you’re worried about the state of your chimney liner, give Chimney Concepts a call. If you just want to get a major job cleared off your to-do list, that’s a great reason to call as well. Call soon and set up an appointment to have your chimney inspected and swept soon!