It is commonly known and recommended by experts to have your chimney cleaned and inspected yearly. It is extremely important to upkeep and care for it, but is the money spent on your chimney worth it? Over time, your chimney can wear out and develop cracks, and if your chimney starts to leak, this could lead you to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. So we think it is most definitely worth your money to continually maintain and care for it.

At Chimney Concepts, we offer a variety of chimney services such as chimney cleaning, inspections, and repairs, and our certified sweeps would love to help your with any chimney problems to save your thousands of dollars.

Causes for Leaks

Leaky Chimney Repairs - Milwaukee WI - Chimney ConceptsWhat exactly cause leaks in your chimney? There are several causes for chimney leaks, and some of this can occur even without you being aware. First, have you ever wondered about the structure of your chimney? It’s just a straight tube leading right into your home, so how does precipitation build up in your firebox? One of the best protections against precipitation getting inside your home through the chimney is a chimney cap. If your chimney cap is cracked or non-existent, you are probably experiencing a leaky chimney.

Solutions for Leaky Chimneys

Another cause of chimney leaks is an improper flashing. It’s pretty obvious that the place where your chimney meets your roof would be difficult to prevent leaks, and then designers came up with the flashing. Flashing is the metal strips that builders put on your roof to cover where the chimney meets the roof.  These strips protect the joints from letting precipitation in. Flashing can get blow off in bad weather or break or cracked over time, and if this happens, your chimney will start leaking.

Your mortar is also a spot where leaks can happen. As tough as mortar is, over time weather and precipitation will eat away at it, causing cracks and missing mortar. If this is the case, you need to consider tuckpointing, which is a technique where we dig out the old mortar and replace it with new mortar.

Call the Experts

No matter what is the cause for your chimney leaks, call the professionals at Chimney Concepts to repair those leaks. We can quickly determine the source of your leak, then we can take the necessary steps to repair it. Give us a call today at 262-377-5811.