A chimney crown is an important part of the anatomy of your chimney. One of the most destructive forces that can harm your chimney is precipitation. A chimney crown is a great line of defense against rain damage. In fact, the chimney crown sits at the very top of your chimney and works as a seal for the chimney flue to keep precipitation out.

What Can Precipitation Do?

Chimney Crowns - Milwaukee WI - Chimney ConceptsAt the end of winter, rain can refresh the earth and bring new life. The first snow of winter is beautiful and white and fluffy, but by the end of a long Wisconsin winter, that snow can look pretty dirty and dingy. Rain washes that grime away and signals the start of a new spring growing season. But that same cleansing rain can cause a breakdown in your chimney. It has a weathering effect on the mortar, but it can also wear it down through the freeze-thaw cycle of winter. During the freeze-thaw cycle, precipitation gets into the pores of the brick and then freezes, which causes the pores to get bigger. As this cycle continues, it weakens the structure of the chimney.

Precipitation can also cause other problems if your chimney is leaking. For instance, if your chimney leaks into the interior of your home, it could cause a weakening of the plaster of your walls or ceiling around the fireplace. It can cause rusting of the damper assembly or even the fireplace tools. It could also cause cracking or deterioration of the chimney flue.

Chimney Crown Design

The chimney crown, which sits at the top of the chimney, needs to be designed correctly. It should have a drip edge that directs the precipitation away from the chimney and towards the edge of the roof instead. This prevents the erosion of the brick and mortar your chimney is made of. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), a chimney crown should also be constructed of the proper cement mixture. In addition, it should hang over all sides of the chimney by two inches. The flue liner should also stand above the crown by two inches.

Properly designed chimney crowns last for years. An improperly installed chimney will not properly protect against water damage. Stop worrying about a faulty chimney crown and give us a call at 262-377-5811. When Chimney Concepts inspects your chimney, you can rest assured that we will properly inspect your chimney crown for damage and will advise you on the best way to solve any water leakage problems you may be having. Schedule an appointment soon and we will be able to get your chimney leaks resolved before cool autumn nights and fireplace season arrives!