You love your wood burning fireplace. There’s not a feeling in the world that can leave you as peaceful and content as relaxing in front of a mesmerizing, crackling wood fire on a snowy Wisconsin evening, watching the snow fall gently to the ground. The problem, though, is that before you can settle in, you need to bring in the wood, lay it just right, make sure that dampers are set right, and get the fire going. Before that, you’ve had to go out and cut that firewood, making sure you do it early enough in the year that it cures enough that you have a smoke-free, safe fire. You have to cut it, haul it, stack it, all in anticipation of those long winter nights. And while you’re enjoying the fire, you have to get up and attend to it, rearranging logs or adding logs to the fire. Well, there’s a much easier way. If you’re serious about enjoying a fire, why not look into installing gas logs into your traditional fireplace?

Benefits of Gas LogsWe Install and Service Gas Logs - Cedarburg, WI - Chimney Concepts

The biggest benefit of gas burning logs? Convenience! Instead of all of the work that’s involved in getting a wood fire going, with gas fire logs, once a gas line is installed, all you need to do is flip a switch and settle back to enjoy the warm, comforting flames. If you think that a gas fire doesn’t burn as attractively as a wood fire, then you haven’t seen the new wave of gas fires. No more weak, blue flame; gas logs today burn with a natural looking flame. Another convenience is the fact that you won’t have ashes to clean out of your firebox anymore. Because you can just use your existing fireplace, there aren’t major renovations to make and that will also mean less cost to you.

Another huge benefit of installing gas logs in your existing fireplace is that it is much more energy efficient than burning with wood. With gas, you can have from 75 – 99% of the fuel’s energy back as heat, as compared to 10 – 30% from burning wood.

Care of Gas Logs

Even though gas logs burn more efficiently than wood, it doesn’t mean that you can get by without maintenance. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), these higher efficiency heating appliances may cause a lessening of a draft which means that the chimney walls aren’t warm enough to prevent condensation of the flue gases. This may lead to incomplete combustion and water condensation. Both of these problems can be uncovered by a professional chimney sweep like those at Chimney Concepts. We take great pride in the training and education that we take part in each year to maintain our high standards of service, and we love serving our customers with integrity and professionalism. Give us a call today and let us take care of your gas log installations and servicing needs.